How Sustainability is Transforming Business – show 14

29 Apr 2010

When someone asks me what Women Of Green is all about I say to turn up the volume of the feminine of behalf of the planet, its beings and future generations. I know one of the most powerful ways to do that is through business. And with the market for sustainable business products alreadyestimated at over $74 billion – we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg. My guest today, KoAnn Skrzyniarz, has devoted her full attention to this. She believes business is in a unique position to address the global problems that plague us — and in fact, turn them into opportunity for innovation and new business. Her personal mission: To build a bridge to better brands. How does she do this? “It’s all back listening,” she says. So listen up!

Leading the Greening of Detroit — and what you can do in your own backyard.

22 Apr 2010

I am the President of The Greening of Detroit, a 20-year old organization devoted to greening the City of Detroit through planting projects, environmental and outdoor education, advocacy and by building community capacity. We have our roots in planting things that make our city greener, but we have expanded our programming over the years to include education and job training, advocacy and capacity building for our community partners.

When they meet me, many people ask what motivated me to become a leader in Detroit’s green movement. I have to say that, when I started this career, I wasn’t really thinking about saving the world. In fact, it was a much more basic instinct.

“Hot, Rich & Green: A secret formula for women” with author Rebecca Harrell Tickell – show 13

22 Apr 2010

For our special Earth Day show today, I couldn’t resist having on Rebecca Harrell Tickell. She’s written a book called “Hot, Rich & Green: The Secret Formula women are Using to Get Rich and Save the Planet.” The whole book highlights women in green business. The lessons in it come directly from actual successes and failures of women who have lived the formulas. Rebecca’s energy is contagious. And wait to you hear what she says about women and money. If you have any issues in the arena, watch them fly out the window.

Green Burials with Esmerelda Kent – show 12

17 Apr 2010

How we live is how we die. That’s what my guest, Esmerelda Kent, told me. She’s a women of green whose Buddhist practice and the HBO series, “Six Feet Under” led her on a remarkable journey. Today, she’s the maker of beautiful, sacred green burial shrouds for people who want honor their loved one’s “life values” in their time of death.

In my interview with Esmerelda, we talked about how it all began for her and the remarkable moment of her mother’s death as she wrapped her in a silk cloth that soon became her offering to the world, personally and professionally. “Service is the art form of the 21st century,” she said. Esmerelda also shares the state of the funeral industry today with its chemicals, embalming fluid and injections and how she’s making an impact one shroud at a time. This woman is a trail blazer and an inspiration for any woman serious about making a difference in the world.

The State of Solar – show 11

7 Apr 2010

This podcast takes place at the Renewable Energy World Conference in Austin, Texas. Billed as one the largest renewable energy conferences in the world, there were over 4,000 professionals promoting everything from solar energy, to wind power, to biomass, to geothermal, to ocean power, to biofuels and more. The future definately looks bright.

However, with all the choices we have today, less than 7% of our energy consumption is in renewables. Women of green, we need to change that. And change that now.

Fortunately, my guest is on it. She’s a female force helping to move the needle in solar energy. Nancy Hartsoch is a Vice President at SolFocus, a company that developed concentrator photovoltaic technology that allows for low-cost, clean energy that is scalable and dependable.

In my interview with her, we talked the many choices on the market today and what the main deterrents are for ordinary people to get going with renewable energy. This woman is smart. So listen up!