An Intro to GMOs and the Path of Less Consumption

29 Mar 2011

The buzz around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has grown to a fever pitch in recent months, with approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture of three new kinds of genetically engineered (GE) foods: alfalfa (which becomes hay), a type of corn grown to produce ethanol, and sugar beets. And the approval by the Food and Drug Administration of a super-fast-growing salmon — the first genetically modified animal to be sold in the U.S., but probably not the last — may not be far behind.

Is Our Sexuality (and our Future) at Stake? Maria Rodale’s take on the impact of Atrazine

29 Mar 2011

There are several studies emerging on the herbicide Atrazine that raise serious questions about our ability to reproduce as a species…unless we stop poisoning ourselves, and our children, with chemicals. Wake up America!

Wind Farms and Bike Lanes? Not In My Neighbourhood

28 Mar 2011

After two groups in a progressive area of Brooklyn, New York called aggressively for the removal of a 9 month old bike-lane this month, Elisabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times noted in an article in the Week In Review that “in Europe, bike lanes crisscross cities, wind turbines appear in counties with high-priced country homes and plants that make green energy from waste are situated in even the wealthiest neighborhoods.” What’s going on here?

Fifty-Three Percent of U.S. Backyard Gardeners Growing Vegetables

25 Mar 2011

A nationwide survey indicates that spending for vegetables and fruits grown in household gardens now surpasses spending for lawns, trees, shrubs – and even flowers.

From Libya: Poems of War, Peace, Women, and Power

25 Mar 2011

Where are the Libyan women’s voices in our media right now? Check out the incredible and powerful Suheir Hammad in a public performance as she explores the power within pacifism with her strong and beautiful poems.

Action and Inaction with Julia Butterfly Hill

24 Mar 2011

When I hear the word “green,” I think about the fact that without a healthy and thriving planet, there are no healthy and thriving people. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. Living “green” is about celebrating the Sacred Interconnection of All Life.

Is it “Tilt: Game Over”? A Sobering Conversation with Hunter Lovins – show 41

23 Mar 2011

Hunter Lovins has been a vocal citizen of the planet for over 40 years – teaching, educating, consulting scores of businesses from start-ups all the way to conglomerates like Wal-Mart on sustainability and the bottom line. Right out of the gate in my interview with her she says, “We are very near a tipping point in which it comes to be recognized that behaving in ways that are responsible to people and to the planet are simply better business.” In her next breath, she qualifies this with a sobering smack, “At the same time, we’re losing every major eco system on the planet.”

Hunter believes that our current economic collapse was caused by the “fundamental unsustainability of the way in which we do business.” I would agree. So is it “Tilt: Game Over?” Or are we as a species going to collectively rise up and meet the enormous challenges in front of us? Listen to this podcast and you decide.

The War On Elizabeth Warren

21 Mar 2011

We need to ask who’s instituting consumer protection standards and what they look like. We need to know who defines “organic” and “natural” and why and when some information is so hard to come by (hint: there’s always a reason).

Moving Beyond the Untouchable Topic by Phila Hoopes

21 Mar 2011

I believe that this is the key to real and lasting change, not on behalf of the planet, but in partnership with Spirit, the People, and the Earth, and that each of us is capable of that partnership.

Disaster Aftermath: Making Women’s Health a Priority

18 Mar 2011

Upon the heels of one of the recent earthquake, we can only hope that all the parties involved in the disaster response – from aid groups to foreign militaries to friends and neighbors – will make women’s health and safety a priority.

Styrofoam In the Capitol and Other Real Life Grimms Fairy Tales

18 Mar 2011

The Republicans are wasting a small fortune that taxpayers would otherwise save in order to ‘ungreen’ the Capitol. By shutting down this money-saving program before it has been fully implemented, Republicans are imposing a ten-year cost of around $50 million on taxpayers.

GOP Budget Cuts Place Food Safety In Danger

16 Mar 2011

Food safety, family planning, cancer research, and low-income housing—now add the Special Olympics to the long list of organizations and federal programs targeted for major funding cuts by congressional Republicans.

Greening Our Buildings to Better Our Health

16 Mar 2011

While five years ago a ‘green building’ was still generally understood as one that minimised its impact on the environment, today we recognise that a green building is also sustainable, ethical and liveable. Green buildings are designed to support not only the environment, but also improve the health and wellbeing of the people who live and work there.

Organic Raps to Get Everyone Eating It

13 Mar 2011

The CEO of Stonyfield Farms (the mega-organic yogurt producer) has long been a model of a man dedicated to presenting a product with value all the way along the chain from the animals to the farmers to the consumers. He raps below in an awkward and heartfelt plea to get out the facts. Check it out!

Erin Brockovich Is Back and She’s Not Going To Take It Anymore!

11 Mar 2011

Erin Brockovich has returned to the town that made her famous and is once again rallying residents, sampling the water and at a water board meeting this week is expected to announce that the contamination may be worse than the utility says, reports Huffington Post. The pollution that Pacific Gas & Electric was suppose to clean up is once again seeping into the groundwater of Hinkley, CA. “We didn’t bring a giant to its knees, all we did was wake it up,” says Roberta Walker, a woman who was instrumental in developing the original case in 1993. “This is not happening again – I can’t believe it.” Julia, where are you?

Let’s raise our voices this time with Erin and see what happens and follow the story here.

Washington DC Says Women are Essential in the Green Economy

11 Mar 2011

Straight out of Washington DC, here are the remarks attributed to Lawrence J. Gumbiner, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

“Women and youth are essential agents of change in society, and we believe they are particularly important in the context of the green economy. There are a number of ways in which educational opportunities, technical training, access to finance, and land and resource rights can enhance women’s roles in a green economy.” Tell us more Mr. Gumbiner. What exactly do you have in mind?