Wasteful packaging: do consumers care?

29 Apr 2011

New statistics on recycling were noted in the Los Angeles Times this week: In 2010, 38% of Americans said consumers should take responsibility for recycling product packaging, down from 42% in 2009.

Why Are Women Seen As Less Confident?

28 Apr 2011

In the middle of the meeting on a controversial financial proposal, “Jane” has a flash of insight into a problem. She looks at the men and women around the table as she enthusiastically elaborates on what she believes to be an important point that can bridge the conversation.

Eileen Fisher Award Goes to Woman Of Green

26 Apr 2011

Congratulations to Woman Of Green Esmerelda Kent who is a recipient of Eileen Fisher’s 7th Annual Business Grant Program for Woman Entrepreneurs. Esmerelda’s business, KINKARACO created the first burial shroud for environmental purpose to be used without a casket in 2005. The shroud debuted on the HBO series “Six Feet Under” on the green burial episode which buried Nate Fisher (no relation to Eileen).

Best Green Fashion and Beauty 2011

26 Apr 2011

More highlights from Treehugger’s Green Awards: Patagonia, Nike and John Masters Organics

Major Brands Say Consumers “Aren’t Ready” for Green

26 Apr 2011

While seemingly every New York Times article about green products since the start of the recession has followed the same tired pattern (people say they want environmentally friendly products but never as much as they want to save a dollar twenty-five,) a few of the recent Green Blog pieces have unearthed some telling, and surprising, quotations.

Letter to My Son, the Energy Engineer

25 Apr 2011

Woman Of Green friend Phila Hoopes speaks below to her son, an energy engineer, about her hopes for renewable energy and the conflicting data coming in from all sides on the energy debate.

When Do You Choose Green?

25 Apr 2011

Manufacturers who have long aligned themselves with environmental causes, like Seventh Generation and Method, have rebounded better from the recession than the “green” lines of larger, more traditional manufacturers

What to Do This Weekend

22 Apr 2011

This Saturday there will be a great opportunity to listen in to two inspiring leaders talk about how women can most effectively transform themselves and the world. You can listen in from anywhere.. and call-ins are welcome!

Leaders In Green Share What They’d Fix First

22 Apr 2011

We love Treehugger. They’ve got tools to get informed, interact and take action. To celebrate Earth Day they’ve interviewed some real powerhouses to ask them, if they were in charge.. what would they fix first? These are our favorites:

Happy Earth Day! Love, all the Women Of Green

22 Apr 2011

Women Written Out of the History of Dirt

20 Apr 2011

April is landscape architecture month. What do you think about the shaping of our relationship to the natural world?

BPA in my soup? Mmmm goodness! A conversation with MomsRising’s Joan Blades – show 42

19 Apr 2011

Joan Blades is the President and Co-founder of MomsRising.org, a five-year-old organization that champions core motherhood and family issues. A million members strong, MomsRising works to support policies that help with family economic security like health care, paid maternity, family and sick leave, fair pay, early learning, and flexible work. One of the big issues that MomsRising takes on in a big way is toxins in our homes. In my interview with her, we talk about BPA in our canned goods (and ultimately in our blood stream) and flame retardants in our furniture (another toxic fabrication from the Big 3 chemical companies).

Greening the Ghetto

18 Apr 2011

Majora Carter is one of the most powerful and inspiring environmental justice activists of the 21st century. If you haven’t heard her speak about her “Greening the Ghetto” project, listen up, it’s an incredible model that will hopefully be replicated in neighborhoods across the nation.

Mom, no tweeting in the sandbox!

16 Apr 2011

“Mom – the rule is, no tweeting in the sandbox?” OK women, ‘fess up. When or where have you tweeted that you know you shouldn’t have?

Greenpeace Working to Get Facebook Off Coal

16 Apr 2011

Greenpeace has been tenacious with trying to get Facebook to ditch coal as a power source for its data centers. Starting with their own Facebook page to show the company how many of its users would like it to “unfriend” coal, the activist group then moved on to set a world record in the comments section.

Women’s Media and the End of Demographics

15 Apr 2011

Johanna Blakely studies the impact of mass media on culture. She asks questions like “what happens to media when women are the main consumers of social media networks?” Is this the end of traditional demographics for advertising? What do you think?