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Women Of Green began as a persistent urging by founder, Carolyn Parrs, to harness the collective power of women to create positive, dramatic and impactful changes in our communities and world. But how? As a long-time communicator, Carolyn did what she knew best, to communicate, first through her own podcast, and then by inviting other women and leaders to do the same. That’s why “Turn Up the Volume” is our mantra and motto on Women Of Green.

Today, Women Of Green is a multi media blog, news source and community celebrating the many women who are leading the way in sustainability and social justice. You’ll be hearing from authors and artists, chefs and lawyers, activists, journalists, policy makers and social entrepreneurs. These women are here to make a difference and use their voices and talents to create meaningful change on behalf of the planet and future generations.

We recognize the importance of UN sponsored campaigns to end domestic violence just as we recognize the pressing need for western women to lead the way in the conscious reduction of waste and wise consumption. We believe that the green movement has much to learn from social justice (and vice versa), that scientific discoveries can be metaphors for community revitalization, and that personal stories from local mothers have every right to exist alongside larger stories of business and environmental law.

Our interests at Women Of Green are broad, but the unifying thread of our focus is the importance of integrating and highlighting women’s ideas, dreams and designs. We hope you feel inspired to share your voice here.

Women Of Green. Turn Up the Volume.

Learn about Women Of Green founder, Carolyn Parrs.

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10 Responses to “ About us ”

  1. It means to constantly reexamine what you do and what others around you do, to learn and lighten your footprint over time.

  2. Esmerelda says:

    For myself being a WOG means being an authentic “human being” as close to our natural indigenous state as possible in how we give birth, what we eat, what we wear, how we live and how we die – leaving no waste and no trace.

  3. Helen says:

    Barbara Miller, a WOG bigger than life!

  4. Carolyn says:

    We always love to hear about the work of WOGs in the world. Feel free to share your stories here with all of us.

  5. Big question to answer with a few words, but I’d say it boils down to becoming conscious of the choices we make and what impact those choices have on the Earth, on the creatures with whom we share the Earth, and on each other. As we become conscious, we must take action every single day to lessen our negative impact and increase our positive.

  6. Cristin says:

    Just found your site! I love your podcasts- can’t wait to dig around and hopefully connect with other wogs! A wog does what makes her happy, while keeping the environment and community in mind.
    : )

  7. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Kathryn. How eloquent, Thanks for sharing your voice with all of us.
    – Carolyn

  8. Robyn says:

    For me, “green” isn’t just in our actions, it is in our commitment to willingly examine ourselves and to continue our personal and spiritual development. This means learning how to observe and listen; how to connect with the earth, the divine, and with each other; and how to lead and teach by example and with compassion.

    This world has been changed by greed and force, but I feel that time is ending. It is time to change the world by embracing where we are and holding the world closely to us as we journey to where we would rather be.

  9. For me, being a Woman of the Green means teaching people ways in which they can lower their footprint with ideas that work for them. It can be overwhelming to the novice. I’m here to help people find the tips that work for them. I encourage people to be consistent with a few ideas until these become habits. The individuals and families can then add more actions that make a difference. I provide a family action plan where each member of the family can choose what to work on next. I also provide Green Home makeovers, Green Business Certification, informational seminars and steer people to environmentally friendly products.

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